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Sexuality may not be a choice but some events in life can change who you are attracted to.

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why are you following a nazi


I follow like 20, a lot of the shit they say is so ridiculous its funny. 

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It’s the little things, isn’t it?

i’m here to note that in the three seconds she took to read the message, the other woman appears to have moved from silencing her child to seducing a mildly uncomfortable man on the other side of the aisle.

That is exactly what it’s like to be on a bus TBH


Sparkle maximus


kenma needs more screentime















I will always reblog this

shit son

holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shit

if you actually believe this you’re dumb as hell

open a history book instead of scrolling down your dash 

hate to break it to you

but we didn’t ever drop a nuclear bomb on Germany

But we didn’t hesitate to drop it on Japan.


The effects of that bomb still affects citizens, today, if you know basic chemistry and understand how radioactive decay works. There are children and adults still suffering from cancerous effects just from being in the area of the blast zone for too long…80+ years LATER.

Not to mention that the fact that they would rather bomb Japan than Germany tells me there was some racist bias involved in that decision.

Time Travel is white privilege. Because the Nazis surrendered May 8th, 1945. The first nuclear weapon was finished being built by July and first tested July 16th, 1945. Months after the German surrender. 

"Not to mention that the fact that they would rather bomb Japan than Germany tells me there was some racist bias involved in that decision." Not a single decision like that ever took place. 

"but we didn’t ever drop a nuclear bomb on Germany". Maybe because it didn’t exist until after the German surrender?

But yeah, this is no less than I expect from SJWs, because all fascist and tyrants rewrite history to suit their views and feels.

Oh, yeah, and the first H bomb didn’t even exist until 1953, 8 years after the war.

Not to mention Japan was why America actively entered the war. And no one knew what it would do. Radioactive and cancer are not old concepts. They didn’t understand what it did. Hindsight is 20/20.

And the reason they attacked america was because the US cut off their oil supply. And the reason the US cut off Japans oil supply was because Japan was going a rape and mass murder parade through china. But the SJWs never mention that because 1: It means that PoC are capable of hate and atrocities. 2: That the evil whities actually helped the Chinese (who are PoC), by cutting off supplies from the people who were oppressing them (actual oppression, not what the SJWs shit themselves about)

Fucking tumblr needs to back off and take history lessons before they go out making factually incorrect bullshit posts just to try to make all white people look bad.

Oh, one more Fun facts

Number of Japanese civilian deaths during World War 2: 360,000

Number of German civilian deaths during World War 2: 3.8 Million.

Not even supporting what’s above but well yeah Germany is gonna have more, Japan far as fuck from the war grounds.

Not to mention the numerous massacres, use of slave labor, and inhumane experiements preformed by the Japanese on other Asian cities and on trade vessels in the area. Keep talking like Japan’s hands were clean during the war though.

Er.. Are you all referring to Unit 731? Because a majority of the experimentation had ended by the time America joined the war or are you referring to implementation of The Three Alls policy? Either way, most the general population was completely unaware were going on. The few who did were typically outraged but speaking out was not acceptable and would likely lead to death. Not to mention Japan was AT WAR with China during a majority of the experimentation. Japan at the time, and most of Asia for that matter, have a completely different view on war prisoners and what is acceptable to do to them. Although it was a holocaust you cannot compare what Japan to Germany. Germany did not see the people they held in the concentration camps as humans, they were far more cruel on many levels and would never expect that to happen to them if they were captured. However, with the Japanese they believed that once caught in battle your life is forfeit, or at the very least EXPECTED torture, (which frequently happened to Japanese POWs during the Second Sino-Japanese War) why do you think so many committed seppuku, aside from the obvious disgrace being caught would cause them. Most Asian cultures had similar methods of war and capture policy, although The Three Alls policy was especially horrific it wasn’t exactly unexpected. And in all honesty, Unit 731 was pretty fucking meager compared to what the Nazi’s were doing.


back when i was a bee keeper my bees were really gentle and one time i scooped up a handful of them and i got rly emotional and wanted to kiss them and i essentially faceplanted myself into a palm full of bees while crying and that’s an important fact about me

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10/10 would ride it into battle.




I think this bird got confused when someone told him he belonged in the sky.

He decided to be the sky instead.





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"The more the nurses beat him"
Now all I’m imagining is a bunch of nurses in a circle kicking this child trying to make it cry